The Conflict Dynamic In Family Law, Part 2

Conflict Dynamic

Show Topic: The Conflict Dynamic In Family Law

This show aired on August 20, 2017. It was hosted by attorney David Enevoldsen, a partner with the law firm Family Law Guys. David discussed the conflicts in values, the fact that having values that are different from person to person does not mean that you should not act as though there is a right and a wrong, and the underlying assessment of why you are taking a particular action in the midst of conflict with another party and to examine whether your actions are simply a function of being hurt and lashing out or are a function of a broader effort to further your goals in line with your values. Note that this is part 2 of a 2 part series exploring this topic. Part 1 aired on July 30, 2017.


Headlines on this show looked at the fact that August has been recognized nationwide as Child Support Awareness Month and the proclamation by Governor Ducey regarding it, a bill in Michigan which would alter the standard by which parenting time is allocated based on a standard that would start with a presumption that equal time is in the best interests of children, the murder of a student in Jigawa, Nigeria based on suspicion that he was homosexual, and Jordan’s repeal of its marry your rapist law eliminating a rapist’s ability to simply marry a rape victim and escape the criminal charge of rape.

Did You Know

This show’s Did You Know looked at the movie, “Who Gets the Dog.” The movie follows a divorcing couple that end up in a custody fight over their dog. It parallels custody fights over children with the same trials and tribulations that occur in those fights. David also explored what happens to a dog in divorces and the fact that the law treats them as property even though most people view their dogs as children.

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