prenuptial agreements

What is a nuptial agreement?

A nuptial agreement is a contractual agreement between spouses that specifies how the parties’ property is divided in the event of a dissolution of marriage (divorce). Prenuptial agreements are agreements entered into before marriage, and postnuptial agreements are entered into during the marriage.

Protect Your Spouse. Protect Yourself.

A nuptial agreement is a lot like insurance. You don’t get auto insurance because you intend to get into a car accident. You also don’t medical insurance because you intend to get injured. You do it because it’s the smart thing to do. Similarly, you don’t get a nuptial agreement because you’re planning on divorce. Rather, you get it because you want to protect your your marriage, your spouse, yourself, and your children. The Family Law Guys can help you create a binding nuptial agreement to keep you and your spouse safe. Contact us to learn more or to start the process of protecting yourself and your loved one.

Protect Your Marriage.

One of the biggest stressors in a marriage is finances. A lack of coordination on the finances is often a factor in the strife that leads up to divorce. Accordingly, it is very important to have a clear understanding of what you and your spouse have and how you will work together. Creating a prenuptial agreement forces you to make and discuss a full disclosure of your financial situation. This discussion and planning can alleviate stress and make sure that you and your spouse have a clear vision of where you are going together.

Protect Your Spouse.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to get a prenup is to protect your spouse during a marriage. If you run into financial problems while you’re married, community property laws put your spouse on the hook for your liability to creditors. A properly formed prenuptial agreement can compartmentalize assets and therefore liability and save your spouse from your creditors.

Protection AFTER Marriage.

In the event of death or divorce, a properly formed prenuptial agreement can outline how property and financial matters should be resolved saving thousands (often tens of thousands) of dollars in attorney’s fees, a ton of time, and a lot of aggravation.

Protect Your Children.

A properly formed prenuptial agreement can ensure that property you want to give to your children is not all sent to your spouse during a probate action (in the event of your premature passing) or in the event of a divorce.