Third Party Rights to Children

Third Party Rights

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This show aired on June 30, 2017. It was hosted by David Enevoldsen, a partner with Family Law Guys. David discussed how a non-parent that may have a relationship with a child (such as a grandparent or step-parent or other party) can obtain legal decision-making rights or visitation with that child. He also discussed the concept of an “in loco parentis” relationship, and the fundamental constitutional right to rear children and how that can impact a third party’s efforts to procure visitation.


Headlines on this show looked at the murder suicide of Gina Summers who hanged herself and her 5 year-old son following a custody fight with the child’s father, the development of an artificial intelligence program that can purportedly identify sexual orientation through the analysis of photographs, the increase of divorces and decrease of marriages in China and China’s reaction to it, and the attempted murder of Yvette Rodriguez and Robert Price by Juan Pablo Rodriguez-Fregoso after Yvette initiated divorce from Juan and appeared to be pursuing a romantic relationship with Robert followed by Juan’s suicide.

Did You Know

This show’s Did You Know looked at statistics regarding murder-suicides compiled by the Center for Disease Control and risk factors underscoring murder-suicides as discussed by a panel held by the National Institute of Justice.

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