The Conflict Dynamic In Family Law, Part 1

Conflict Dynamic

Show Topic: The Conflict Dynamic In Family Law

This show aired on June 30, 2017. It was hosted by attorney David Enevoldsen, an partner with the law firm Family Law Guys. David discussed narrative theory and how human beings make sense of the world and conflict by intuitively gravitating to stories. David also discussed how that feeds into generalized rules that people indoctrinate themselves with and ultimately come into conflict over. Note that this is Part 1 of a two part exploration of these ideas. Part 2 aired on August 20, 2017.


Headlines on this show looked at recent Gallup Poll data indicating the rise in same-sex and LGBT marriages since the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Obergefell, legalizing same sex-marriage, the Arizona Court of Appeals Opinion in Schultz v. Schultz which established a rule regarding the direct payment of support obligations outside of the Support Payment Clearinghouse, and re the attorney’s fee award just issued in the matter related to Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky County Clerk that refused to issue same-sex marriage certificates with her signature on them.

Did You Know

This show’s Did You Know looked at the legal impact of adultery on a divorce in Arizona and how the social morality of adultery has changed over the last couple of centuries.

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